Most Haunted Place In Kerala: Where You Might Just Meet a Ghost

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Even “God’s Own Nation” isn’t immune to weird happenings if the public isn’t aware of them. There are many ghost tales set in bizarre locations in Kerala that are certain to send shivers down your spine. Moreover, why not? If you doubt history, look around this ancient city.

There is a reason why this state is called “God’s Own Country”; the landscapes and wildlife are just stunning. Keralan folklore is rich with supernatural mysteries and intriguing beliefs about the hereafter.

These tales, often accompanied by terrifying cries, ominous voices, and crashing glass, have molded the identity of the state and the way its inhabitants see the world beyond what can be seen with the naked eye.

There is a vast range of deeply held supernatural beliefs among the people of the most haunted place in kerala. These beliefs range from friendly creatures who watch out for you to terrifying spirits begging for mercy.

List of 8 Most Haunted Place In Kerala

1. Lakkidi Gateway

Most Haunted Place In Kerala
Lakkidi Gateway


Location in Wayanad district; among the quickest routes to Thamarassery pass. People have speculated that ghosts have inhabited the area since it was discovered. When Britain was still a colony, a British engineer reportedly found Lakkidi with the aid of a local guy called Karinthandan. He had Karinthandan assassinated so that he could claim credit for discovering it.

After that, several tourists claimed to have seen Karinthandan’s ghost exploring the area. A priest also performed an exorcism to tether the spirit to a tree, and the rope remains there. Most passers-by have probably heard terrifying cries late at night.

The shortest route to the top of the Thamarassery mountain range is the Lakkidi Gateway. The Wayanad district of Kerala is where you’ll find it. However, ever since its entrance was discovered, it has gained a reputation as one of most haunted place in kerala locations.

  • The Story: The legend goes that a guy called Karinthandan was approached by a British engineer looking for Lakkidi in colonial times. He then assassinated Karinthandan to claim sole responsibility for discovering the route. Afterward, many individuals who used the new way saw Karinthandan’s spirit wandering about. With the aid of an exorcist and a priest, the melancholy mood was bound to a tree. Many believe it is the reincarnated soul. Incredible how the chain has kept up with the tree’s growth.
  • Spooky Occurrence: Nighttime screams and shrieks have been heard by trespassers.


2. Bonacaud Bungalow

Most Haunted Place In Kerala
Bonacaud Bungalow


It is the place to go if you’re looking for creepy ruins in most haunted place in kerala. The Bonacaud Bungalow is one of the weirdest houses in the neighborhood. No one likes to be close to it because it is terrifying, especially at night when all the lights are off.

It is said that this place served some of the best farm tea in the area when the British were in control. One awful night, something unknown murdered all the children. After that, the groups returned to London, where residents often saw them. The sound of shattered glass and a child’s cries are familiar to many.

Bonacaud Bungalow is said to be one of the most haunted place in kerala, so long as the ghost tales are real. When night falls, this dilapidated home becomes one of the most terrifying locations in Kerala.

  • The Story: When the British were in control, the property became famous for its enormous tea gardens. The owner’s young children reportedly perished in mysterious circumstances one dreadful night. After what had transpired, the couple returned to London.
  • Spooky Occurrence: A youthful ghost is said to most haunted place in kerala the house often. At midnight, a child’s screams may be heard among the sounds of shattering glass. It has also been said that a ghostly boy might be seen floating about.


3. Trichur forest

most haunted place in kerala
Trichur forest


You may camp and trek there; during the day, it’s perfect for a wild adventure. You could think this site is fantastic for nature lovers, but you haven’t heard anything yet. When night falls in most haunted place in kerala Trichur Forest, it might seem like the world collapses around you. Although no one understands this rainforest’s secret allure, numerous visitors have reported seeing the apparition of a little child who tragically perished there. He’s only a bystander who doesn’t interfere. Some trekkers have reported seeing ghosts and other supernatural phenomena.

Camping, hiking, and adventure tours are some of the most popular activities to do in most haunted place in kerala. Trichur Forest in Kerala is a well-known destination for campers and hikers. It’s a great area to hang out during the day, but it becomes dingy and full of gloomy hues after dark.

  • The Story: Unknown
  • Spooky Occurrence: Visitors looking for a thrilling encounter have reported seeing ghosts in the area. The spirit of a youngster who was seven years old when he died in this woodland has been spotted looking blankly into space, yet he poses no threat to humans. The ghost is gone in the morning, and the area is again a backpacker’s paradise.

4. Sabarimala Temple

most haunted place in kerala
Sabarimala Temple

The origins of these historic structures are the subject of several legends. The locals claimed to worship the goddess Sree Ayyappa there. The locals don’t perceive it as dangerous since they consider it a sacred shrine, where unusual occurrences are signs of good fortune. According to legend, the goddess Ayyappa vanquished a demonic entity in the 14th century; to this day, the spirit attempts annually to infiltrate the temple, but Ayyappa always succeeds in driving it out.

The ancient Sabarimala temple, which houses the divinity of Sree Ayyappa, is the subject of many legends. Considering its status as a sacred temple, it may be unfair to label this as most haunted place in kerala location, yet strange things have happened here that defy explanation.

  • The Story: On the 14th of January, according to local legend, Lord Ayyappa reportedly battled and conquered an evil entity here.
  • Spooky Occurrence: On the same day each year, an evil spirit attempts to enter the temple, but Lord Ayyappa always drives it out. Witnesses report seeing a bright light in the sky when the bad mood is finally defeated.

5. Kariavattom Campus Road

most haunted place in kerala
Kariavattom Campus Road

It’s another most haunted place in kerala, and locals there claim to have seen the apparition of a giant along the street. Nobody ventures out here at night because the path is too crowded with restless spirits. Many locals believe it is the apparition of a young woman who took her own life near Hymavathi Pond.

If you ever find yourself in most haunted place in kerala, check out these incredible locations, even if thinking about them gives you the chills. One advice is to always travel in large groups and be wary of strangers. You should also notify someone before visiting any of these locations. All of us here at TB&O wish you the most fantastic vacation ever.

You may get the answers you’re looking for about the existence of ghosts and the integrity of terrifying tales about these locations by consulting with accurate interpretation specialists. We have native interpreters fluent in both the languages of the area you are visiting and the language you speak at home, so we can assist you in learning about the history, culture, and most haunted place in kerala.

  • The Story: Unknown
  • Spooky Occurrence: There have been reports of people seeing what seems to be a ghost that is twice as tall as a typical human wandering about on the road. People have claimed to have seen this ghost.

6. Perandoor Canal

most haunted place in kerala
Perandoor Canal


It would help if you went to the Perandoor Canal to have a run-in with a ghost since it is one of the most haunted place in kerala. The people believe that the spirit of Mathai still lingers about this waterway.

  • The Story: According to the tales, Vadhuthala Mathai was responsible for mistreating a lady, and on the orders of Lord Raja Edappally, he was hung to death next to this canal.
  • Spooky Occurrence: At this Canal, locals have reported feeling the presence of something terrible.

7. The Weeping Ghost In Kolam

most haunted place in kerala
The Weeping Ghost In Kolam


What could be more unnerving than a child weeping inside your brand-new home? A real-life couple who had just moved into a brand-new Kolam house reported having this experience. After hearing the terrible voice becoming louder each day, they ultimately managed to call the priest who had imprisoned the lost soul. It is well-known that this location is regarded as one of the most haunted place in kerala.

  • The Story: Unknown
  • Spooky Occurrence: The frightful wail of a baby or little toddler.

8. Morris Bungalow

most haunted place in kerala
Morris Bungalow


The Morris bungalow is widely considered one of the most haunted place in kerala. During the period when the British ruled India, an Englishman by the name of Morris resided in this extravagant mansion. It is generally believed that Morris hanged himself in this residence after a disagreement with his father. Since then, the bungalow has had a notoriety for being the site of unexplained happenings.

  • The Story: It is well known that an Englishman named Morris formerly owned the beautiful house. After Morris’ death by suicide, the property became notorious for strange occurrences.
  • Spooky Occurrence: The cottage has a malevolent ghost present.


Kerala is known for its beautiful beaches, peaceful backwaters, and verdant landscapes, but who knew it would also be famous for its mysterious sites, which have been linked to numerous old legends of paranormal activity, evil animals, and other interesting situations? The most haunted place in kerala is not immune to bizarre occurrences and paranormal activity any more than other famous travel locations like Italy or Pakistan are.

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