Onam program of India 2023: Get Ready to Be Amazed!

The state of Kerala celebrates Onam, a significant religious festival, with much fanfare and merriment. “Onam” originates from the Sanskrit term “Shravanam,” which means “one of the twenty-seven stars.” Thiru-Onam, Thiruvonam, and “Sravanmahotsav” are all names for Onam program. Lord Vishnu-related concepts are referred to using the term thiru. Lord Vishnu hurled King Mahabali into the underworld using the stars (Thiruvonam).

When does Onam fall this year?

The dates for Onam 2023 are August 20th through the 31st.

Onam is a festival celebrated annually in Kerala during August and September. In the Malayalam calendar, the first month is called “Chingam,” At the beginning of this month, the celebration of Onam takes place. The ten-day festival of Onam is a joyous occasion for people of all ages. The dates for this event are August 20th, 2023, through August 31st, 2023.

When and where does Onam occur?

Onam is celebrated by the vast majority of the country’s Malayalis. The state of Kerala goes all out for it, making it seem like a national holiday.

Why do people celebrate Onam, anyway?

onam program names in Malayalam
Onam Festival Program

Onam is a festival celebrated throughout Kerala in memory of the homecoming of King Mahabali, widely regarded as the state’s most excellent King. The common folk also believed that this ruler governed the underworld at Lord Vishnu’s will. King Mahabali was expected to visit his subjects during the annual onam program names in Malayalam. It is why the Malayali people are celebrating so enthusiastically right now.

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Where in Kerala does everyone go all out for the Onam program?

People from all around the state of Kerala congregate at one particular location to celebrate Onam. Tripunithura is a neighborhood in Kochi that is conveniently located near Ernakulam. It is another venue for the annual Athachamayam festival. Swaraj Round in the Thrissur region of Kerala hosts dance performances where participants dress as lions and tigers. Every year in Aranmula, the boat race is held on the holiday of Onam. It is undoubtedly a highlight of the whole affair.

Where did the tradition of Onam begin?

Onam Festival

The magnificent onam program names in Malayalam celebrates the life and reign of Mahabali. He was a lovely man who performed good things despite being born a demon. People in Kerala praised him as the justest and most centered monarch the region had ever seen. What he contributed was substantial. No one needy or homeless under his reign ever returned unhappily.

According to popular belief, King Mahabali sacrificed everything to uphold his pledge. Because of his selfless service to his community, his legacy endures. Every year at the onam program names in Malayalam, his devoted following is honored in his honor.

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What are the top 10 days to celebrate during the Onam holiday?

onam program names in Malayalam

Ten days are set aside to celebrate Onam. Each day is unique and is observed in a particular manner. Onam is a multi-day celebration, and each day has its unusual name, significance, and activities. Let’s explore the onam program names in Malayalam by learning more about its ten-day duration.

  • Atham

  • This day marks the beginning of Onam. Today, it is known as Atham. From a religious perspective, King Mahabali’s journey to Earth is crucial. The golden blossoms of Atham have made it famous. These ornaments, collectively known as “Pookalam,” are known for their unique style. These blossoms keep expanding in size as the days pass. Today, many people also display sculptures of King Mahabali and Vamana in their houses.
  • Chithira

Chithira is the name of the day. Day two of the onam program names in Malayalam has begun. Today, they cover Pookalam with yet another layer of yellow flowers. In preparation for King Mahabali’s coming, people also cleaned their houses on this day.

  • Chodi

The third day of the onam program names in Malayalam is known as Chodi. Today, people also begin their holiday shopping and decorate Pookalam with yellow flowers.

  • Vishakam’s

The fourth day of this celebration is called Vishakam. There will be new types of happenings in Kerala from now on.

  • Anizham

The fifth and final day of the festival is known as Anizham. Today marks the beginning of the Vallamkali boat race at several locations around Kerala.

  • Thriketa

This name is known as the onam program names in Malayalam sixth day. The primary activities of the festival officially begin today. Schools are also closed starting today and lasting until the conclusion of the Onam holiday.

  • Moolam

The seventh and last day of Onam is known as Moolam. Several dance performances take place on this day. At this point, the whole state is decorated wonderfully.

  • Pooradam

The onam program names in Malayalam eighth day is known as Pooradam. The day is marked by the thorough cleaning and placement in the center of the stunning “Pookalam” décor of sculptures depicting King Mahabali and Vamana. The updated design is massive and eye-catching.

  • Uthradom

onam program names in Malayalam, the ninth day is known as Uthradom. The people of Kerala place a high value on this joyous occasion. Many individuals take advantage of this day to go grocery shopping for seasonal produce. Women traditionally prepare elaborate, multi-course dinners for the family. People in Kerala anticipate the arrival of the legendary King Mahabali on this day. This merriment and celebration is in preparation for the King’s arrival.

  • Thiruonam

The ten-day onam program names in Malayalam comes to a close today. The tenth day is known as Thiruonam. All the hard work culminates in this day’s final celebration. Early risers take showers, exchange presents, and attend religious services. Thiruona Sadya, or Onam exceptional cuisine, is prepared by every family. On top of that, there is a wide variety of activities held around the state in various locations.

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How do Indians celebrate the Onam holiday?

onam program names in Malayalam
Onam Festival

The Athachamayam celebration takes place at Tripunithura, not far from Ernakulam. It kicks off the celebrations for the Onam holiday. During the first day of Onam, also known as “Atham,” the Maharaja of Kochi travels from Tripunithura to the Thrikkakara Temple. A street procession with music floats and painted elephants celebrates their departure with various traditional Keralan arts and crafts.

One of the most anticipated events of the Onam festival is the elephant procession. This stunning creature is covered with flowers, gold, and other precious metals. The route of the procession encompasses the whole of Thrissur. The elephant gets from one place to another by dancing and making little gestures at passers-by.

There will be a flag-raising ceremony when Atham arrives at Thrikkakara Temple. This ceremony begins with the celebrations, lasting for ten days, with music, dancing, and traditional entertainment. The principal deity, Vamana, travels throughout the temple grounds on an elephant. A string of show horses is following behind.

Activities During the Onam Festival in Kerala

onam program names in Malayalam
Onam program

The Thrissur region is home to numerous eerie happenings around the holiday. Kummatti dancers, decked out in grass costumes and masks, perform in the streets during the last four significant days of the onam program names in Malayalam. T-rex outfits are popular with men. People also engage in the traditional folk dance called pulik kali for a few days after the onam program names in Malayalam ends.

Thrissur, Kerala residents wear masks when they perform the “Kummatti dance” in public. The snake boat races at this fair are the highlight of the festival. About a hundred boatmen are competing in this game. The boats in this event are all decked artistically, each in its unique style. All the city’s men and women came out for this fun race.

There is something special and ritualistic about each day of the onam program names in Malayalam. Idols are kept in households, and the priests in the temples perform rituals each day of the festival. The statue of Lord Vamana is dressed up as one of Lord Vishnu’s ten avatars every day.

On Atham, the first day of Onam, people get up early to pray and bathe. People prepared floral arrangements called “Pookalams” for the floors of their houses in preparation for the arrival of King Mahabali. The onam program names in Malayalam isn’t over until this floral display is taken down. In addition, many organizations host Pookalam tournaments where participants display their Pookalam-making prowess.

To relax, many people like going shopping or playing video games. Kerala’s “Tourism Week” is held in honor of Onam by the state’s administration. Trivandrum is a city in Kerala, India, where the state’s rich cultural heritage is showcased via various events and activities.

The onam program names in Malayalam includes a game known as “Onakalikal.” Talappanthukali is one of the most well-liked male-oriented ball sports. Ambeyyal (bow shooting) is another popular activity. Women perform many forms of traditional dance. One of the most well-known conventional dances is the Kaikottikali, commonly known as a clap dance. Group performances of Thumbi Thullal, a significant folk dance, are typical. The women of Mahabali’s court perform dances in honor of their King.

One of the highlights of this celebration is the Onasadya. Every home prepares a massive meal on the day of Thiru Onam, which is then presented to guests on a banana leaf. There are at least four or five servings of vegetables in each dish of this nine-course dinner. Different families may use more or fewer vegetables in their preparations. Onasadya is offered daily at Thrikkakara Temple. This feast is held in the temple on the significant day of the onam program names in Malayalam when hundreds of people attend.

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In Kerala, Onam is the most revered festival. The beginning of the Onam vacation is the finest time to visit Kerala to have fun and explore the sights. Because of the holiday ceremonies, onam program names in Malayalam are always a blast for everyone involved.


Why is Onam festival celebrated?
Onam commends the homecoming of the Asura Lord Mahabali from the Patal Lok.
Which state is Onam from?
onam festival is from Kerala.
What is history of Onam?
.As per Hindu folklore, Onam is seen in Kerala out of appreciation for the shrewd administration showed by the legendary evil spirit ruler Mahabali..
Which God is Onam?
Lord Vishnu.

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