Red Skin Island: Top Attractions in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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As previously mentioned, red skin island is one of the islands that cannot leave the Mahatma Gandhi National Park’s confines. The park is located on the southern shore of the archipelago, 30 kilometers from the major city of Port Blair. A permit from the forest service must be obtained the day before a journey to the island. Mondays are off-limits for visitors, and the island is only open from May to October. The island is available for commerce six months out of the year, but overnight stays are prohibited.
Mondays are off-limits, and the island is only accessible to visitors between May and October. Remember that you can only come during the daytime and not spend the night.
The Forest Service requires that you get a permit the day before your trip. May through October provide the finest weather on red skin island, ideal for touring, water activities, and stunning scenery. At the end of July, the island sees the most visitors.

About the Red Skin Island with the People

Red Skin Island
Red Skin Island | travellingmania

Jolly Buoy and red skin island are the only two islands in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park that allow tourists to set foot on their shores, and Red Skin is one of those islands. It is open to the general public from June through November when Jolly Buoy is closed for the season. In the alternative, Red Skin is closed from November through May.

The island and its little beach are hidden from view by the thick undergrowth of trees and plants. On the other hand, the corals keep people coming back year after year. It is an excellent location for a day vacation, mainly when one may take one’s children swimming or snorkelling. Make sure you have some food and beverages on hand. The experience of travelling in a boat with a transparent bottom cannot be replicated.

  • Timings: Transportation to the island by ferry begins at 9 a.m.
  • Cost: Includes permission fees; pricing begins at INR 800.
  • Ticket Prices: Adults pay INR 50, minors pay INR 25, and foreigners pay INR 500 for the permission.

The Preferred Method of Arrival to Red Skin Island

Red Skin Island
Red Skin Island | travellingmania

You can take a boat to the island of red skin island, located inside the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, from the Wandoor Jetty. The 25 kilometres that separate Port Blair and Wandoor may be covered in around 45 minutes when travelling by automobile.

Taxis, motorcycles, and rickshaws are the most convenient modes of transportation to rent. Other options include walking. Even though buses go in both directions, their timetables are sometimes rather regimented.

The trip to the island from Wandoor on a shared boat takes around half an hour and fifteen minutes. The ship transporting you back to the beach is waiting for you. It is highly recommended that you make transportation arrangements in advance because it is difficult to get rental vehicles in Port Blair. You may make reservations via the hotel, the airport, or online at red skin island.

The following is a list of the broadcast timings for Red Skin Island:

Red Skin Island
Red Skin Island | travellingmania

The tourism board publishes the daily operation hours for Jolly Buoy and red skin island, which are subject to vary based on the number of people that come to the area. On the ocean side of Wandoor, travellers heading to Jolly Buoy or Red Skin often depart between the hours of 8 and 9 in the morning. It is recommended that you arrive at the seashore of Wandoor no later than 8:00 a.m. The boats all set sail simultaneously and return together after their journey.

In Red Skin, we do not permit the use of any plastics. Before tourists are allowed to depart for Jolly Float Island, they must hand in any plastic objects they have brought with them at the Wandoor jetty side soon before arrival. On Buoy Island, the use of any container made of plastic is prohibited.

A glass-bottom boat is available for guests to take advantage of so they may see the underwater coral reef beauty. There are no swimming opportunities available on red skin island. Before guests depart from the vessel and make their way to the island, they will be taken on an excursion during which they will be shown these underwater corals via glass-bottomed dinghies as part of a routine tour.

Information that should be considered by anybody visiting Red Skin Island

Red Skin Island
Travelling Mania
  • It is necessary to use a boat if you want to go from Wandoor to red skin island.
  • At the very least, you need to make your boat reservation and get all of the appropriate permissions two days before you want to depart.
  • Because the excursion’s endpoint is more than 30 kilometers away from the city, you must ensure you depart on time.
  • Since there are no changing rooms or freshwater facilities on the islands, avoiding being wet while you are on them is advisable if you want to avoid being wet until you get back to the hotel.
  • It is strictly forbidden for you to dispose of any plastic or polystyrene waste in the Red Skin area.
  • Because there are no food booths or other sources of water on the ocean side, it is essential to pack enough supply of water as well as some snacks.
  • In the case that the tides recede and the corals are exposed, it is in everyone’s best interest to avoid being in the water to avoid doing any harm.

Red Skin Island: When to Go

You may visit Jolly Buoy Island or red skin island any time of the year. The reefs and aquatic creatures need space to thrive, so please respect this. Lousy weather also means no boat journeys to the islands.

When can we expect to see Red Skin Island?

Beach in Red Skin Snorkelling
Beach in Red Skin Snorkelling

The forest service requires a permit obtained the day before the hike. The island is accessible only from May till October (closed on Mondays) this year. When red skin island is not open, visitors visit Jolly Buoy Island. You are not permitted to spend the night there. Keep in mind that most visitors to the island spend just a single day there.

The island is only accessible for six months out of the year. The balance of the time is reserved for nature to recover from human interference. The island and its surroundings are immaculately clean. It renders plastic useless in this setting. Tourists are discouraged from using these items. Nature’s splendour is preserved so future generations might bask in its glory. Visitors to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can’t miss the stunning white sand beaches.

A Day at the Beach in Red Skin

Red Skin Island
Red Skin Island | travellingmania

There is a wide variety of aquatic activities available. The finest, and the reason most people visit, is snorkelling. Then, there’s the exciting option of riding a transparent boat. The abundance of marine life, including colourful coral reefs, adds excitement to every boat ride. Both the beach and the sea are shallow. It allows visitors to have authentic sea salt baths in the fresh air.

Because of the pleasant climate and scenic landscape, it’s ideal for taking it easy and unwinding. Because of its tranquil atmosphere, many couples spend their honeymoon on red skin island. But the warm weather, abundant marine life, fascinating activities, and other factors attract families. People of all ages may enjoy searching for and collecting unique shells washed up on the shore.

Red skin island may be an alternative to Jolly Buoy Island, but it stands out due to its unique features. The calm seas at the beach allow visitors to get a feel for the local marine life. It is what sets the island apart from others. The water activities on the island are a great way to cool down and have fun. Perhaps the island’s allure stems partly from the difficulty of reaching there. Travelers seeking a serene experience would do well to visit this island.

1. Snorkelling

Red Skin Island
Red Skin Island

It is one of the most entertaining activities that can be enjoyed on red skin island and is the centre of attention whenever and wherever it makes an appearance. Divers can glide through the water more efficiently and get a closer glimpse at the teeming marine life below them if they wear a pair of false fins.

Take yourself on an experience unlike any other and swim among the fishes to get a feel for the ecosystems found in the ocean. One of the best things about it is that, in contrast to scuba diving, you don’t need to be a good swimmer or have any previous expertise to participate. Put on your snorkel and flippers because you’re in for a visual treat.

  • Ideal for: Adventure, Family, and Friends
  • Timing: 1 hour
  • Price: Starts from INR 550/person

2. Scuba Diving

Red Skin Island
Scuba Diving

On top of the things discussed before, there is one more thing you may do on red skin island to pass the time. You will see exquisite coral up close, an experience that cannot be adequately described using words alone.

The breathtaking coral reefs will blow away divers and snorkelers and a rich variety of marine life seen in the seas around the island. You must get certification and work with a guide to see the thriving marine life below the water’s surface.

  • Ideal for: Adventure, Family, and Friends
  • Timing: 30 min-1 hour
  • Price: Starts from INR 3500 for 30 minutes

3. Sunbathing

Red Skin Island
Red Skin Island

The picturesque landscapes and the crystal clear waters are a blessing in every possible way. The island is a beautiful location to unwind and take in the breathtaking water views while enjoying the sun’s warmth on your skin and the sand between your toes. The combination of these factors makes it the perfect spot to relax in the sun’s warm rays while letting your worries fade away in the serene setting.


Red skin island is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, one of the island’s many natural charms. Because of the water’s shallowness, visitors can observe the fascinating marine life. Considering how long it takes to travel there and how beautiful the island is, you understand why it is called a “Dream Destination.”


What is Red Skin Island famous for?
Red Island is famous for rich marine life.
Is Red Skin Island open?
Its always open and closed on Mondays and tourists can access it only in the months between May-October.
Where is Skin island located?
It is located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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