Drive Smart, Arrive Safe: 10 Essential Road Safety Tips Every Driver Needs

In 2020, India witnessed a staggering 366,138 road accidents, resulting in a tragic toll of over 131,714 lives lost. To combat this alarming trend and reduce such unfortunate incidents, the government is actively devising comprehensive strategies centered on promoting safe driving and enhancing road safety.

Both vehicle owners and pedestrians must adhere to the prescribed road safety guidelines diligently to safeguard their own lives and the lives of others.

Road safety tips that you must follow

The key principle is to maintain a speed that is both prudent and safe, adhering to the mantra of driving as slowly as conditions allow and as swiftly as the situation requires.

  • Be careful while driving

Presently most serious accidents happen because of distractions. So, while you are driving, you must be very careful. Do not be distracted by any electric devices such as mobile, or loud music. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the reason for most rear-end collisions is the drivers’ delayed reaction.

  • Maintain the speed limit while driving

Road Safety Tips
Road Safety Tips |Travelling Mania

One of the crucial road safety tips measures is abiding by the designated speed limits. The primary purpose of these speed limits is to guarantee the safety of not only drivers but also passengers and pedestrians.

  • Do not forget to wear a seatbelt

Neglecting to fasten your seatbelt while operating a vehicle violates Section 138 (3) CMVR and 177 MVA. Seatbelts play a significant role while driving, a seatbelt can protect you from major accidents as a seatbelt makes sure safe driving.

  • Follow the traffic signals

Following traffic signals is mandatory in road safety tips. If you follow the traffic signals, rest assured that it will save you from a major accident. Following traffic rules play an important role in road safety.

  • Do not forget to servicing your car

If you use your car most of the time or often, make sure that you service your car regularly. Regular servicing your car ensures a smooth driving experience. Servicing your vehicle make sure that the parts such as the headlight, side mirror, brake, and other parts are working properly.

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  • Do not be so talkative while driving

Road Safety Tips
Road Safety Tips |Travelling Mania

When you are on a busy road, it’s best not to pass other vehicles when changing lanes. This helps keep traffic orderly and safe. If you need to change lanes, do it from the right side because Indian traffic rules don’t allow passing on the left side.

  • Maintain a distance

Make sure that there is enough distance between your car and the one which is standing in front of you. This way, you will have more time and room to stop safely if the other vehicle stops suddenly. These are important safety rules for driving, and they come with practical tips and strategies.

  • Be aware of the safe braking distance of the vehicle

Different vehicles have different-sized brakes is one of the important thing you must remember in road Safety tips. Bigger vehicles like trucks take more time to stop than smaller ones. This is a very important road safety tip for those who drive commercial cars.

  • Do not drive if you are drunk

One of the vital road safety guidelines emphasizes refraining from drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Alcohol intake can hinder cognitive abilities, thus inhibiting an individual from maintaining complete control over their vehicle.

  • Try to drive on one-way roads

Road Safety Tips
Road Safety Tips | Travelling Mania

In India, one-way roads are a common sight, requiring careful navigation to ensure safety. It’s essential to always adhere to the designated direction of traffic flow when driving, as veering in the wrong direction can pose significant risks. Additionally, it’s crucial to refrain from parking your vehicle in reverse orientation on such roads to maintain safety and order.

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What are various types of road safety issues?

Even with numerous government regulations in place, accidents and mishaps persist, highlighting ongoing challenges in road safety. Some of the persisting issues include:

  • Inadequate Enforcement of Road Safety Standards

There are instances where proper road signs and safety measures are not consistently implemented. The responsible authorities must address and rectify such deficiencies promptly.

  • Limited Emphasis on Vehicle Safety Design

Indian car manufacturers often do not prioritize the incorporation of advanced safety features in their vehicles. This stands in contrast to Western counterparts, who prioritize automatic safety features in their cars, creating a disparity in safety standards.

  • Governance Apathy

There exists a persistent issue of inadequate road planning and a lack of government attention towards road conditions. Governments often display indifference to the upkeep of road infrastructure.

  • Absence of Prompt Emergency Services

Road Safety Tips
Road Safety Tips |Travelling Mania

Despite the existence of road safety regulations, the absence of swift emergency response services remains a glaring concern. The unavailability of quick-response teams often leads to unfortunate fatalities at accident scenes, underscoring the critical need for well-established emergency services.

  • Citizen Accountability Deficit

The issue of lack of responsibility among citizens is noteworthy.

  • Documents that you need to carry while driving a car

You must carry your driver’s license to confirm that your age  above 18 as the government made a rule for all of us that individuals must be 18 years old to drive a car. Your driving license also proves that you have passed the driving examinations.

The registration certificate serves as evidence that your vehicle has been officially registered with the Regional Transport Office. This document contains essential information, including personal particulars, vehicle specifications, and historical ownership records. Failure to provide this documentation to the traffic police can result in a penalty of Rs. 5,000 being imposed.

pollution control certificate indicates the amount of pollution or carbon monoxide emitted by your vehicle and is issued only after confirming that your car’s emissions fall below the prescribed limit. Failing to furnish this document may result in a fine of Rs. 1,000.


Everyone should know the read safety tips whether you are a driver or not. If you are aware of road safety tips you can help people to know about the road safety tips. A driver should follow all the road safety tips and carry the required details for safety. Following the road safety tips will save your life and everyone’s life as well. For More travel-related desires and adventures visit Travellingmania!


What are three road safety rules?
Be careful while driving
speed limit while driving
Do not forget to wear a seatbelt
Why is road safety important?
Practicing road safety measures is extremely good and safe to all persons all through the life. Everyone should respect others while driving or walking on the road and take care of their safety. People safety on the road is one of the most crucial components in order to avoid road side accidents, injury, and death.

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