In this blog we are going to explore most best  beautiful and amazing places in the world. once in life you must visit this spots. Our world is full of amazing spots but I am suggesting  you this spots or places if your planning a world tour.


#1 Paris, France:-

In life if you not visit the Paris, then ohhh god!!! you will regret definitely  you will regret. Because Paris is 1st place I am recommending for you to visit once in life. Paris is the capital and city of France located in central part of country.


It is the tallest man made structure in the world which is 300 meter tall and it also called as Eiffel Tower. The tower shape is so creative and amazing that you will fall in love with it. Eiffel Tower is the top most attraction of Paris.

The Paris is also famous for French food, French wine, Notre Dame, Seine River. So you can enjoy the other things also.


#2 Cappadocia, turkey:-

Cappadocia Turkey is most magical and amazing  place on the earth. There are so many amazing places to visit in Turkey like red valley hike and sunset viewpoint, rose valley hike and sunset point, Pasabag Valley, Goreme open –Air museum. But Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons is the best way to enjoy the beauty of turkey.


Somehow it is expensive but Turkey is cheapest place to enjoying and experienced the hot air balloon.  It charged around $200 include pickup, breakfast, champagne and drop back to your place.

You can definitely enjoy the ride and this place. You will never forgot the things which you had felt and experienced.

#3 Northan lights, Iceland:-

What Northan Lights means???? It means the bright, dancing colors of Northan lights and it is also called as Aurora boreals. It’s a magical place. You will see the yellow, blue, green and violet shades in the night sky naturally.


Popular places to see and enjoy this view are Iceland, Greenland and Northern Scandinavian Countries which are very close enough to experience this thing.

They are visible in between September and April month. Pick the night as dark as possible then you will see the clear lights and magic.

#4 Marble Caves In Patagonia, Chile:-

The Marble caves also called as “Capillas de Marmol” is one of the best hidden place or Gems in Chile. In your list you must add this place.

These beautiful caves are situated at the middle of General Carrera Lake. You can accessed there by boat and kayak only. These are most attractive caves in the world.

These amazing caves are formed last more than 6000 years. This caves are formed by force of the water against the solid rocks. The minerals reach water and caves or rocks change their color and shape in beautiful hues of yellow, blues, green and black colors.

These naturally formed magical colorful caves leave you breathless. For photographers I will suggest this place is best and No.1 place for you.

#5 Lavender fields – Provence, France:-

Is your planning the vacation???? Then the Provence Lavender field must be in your list. It is the most unique and beautiful place in the world. Mainly in summers you will get the chance to see the beautiful and stunning Lavender fields in Provence France.


Southern France is the most highlighted region of lavender fields. There are so many places which are popular for the lavender fields as Tuscany and Sicily, new South Wales and western Australia , Italy and in some regions of UK.

The blooming period of lavender flowers depending on the location.  Here you will see the large farms and fields full of lavender flowers and that view is most stunning and beautiful you have ever seen. You will really enjoy this place and this trip will be memorable for you.

Best time to visit this place and to see the plants in the bloom is last week of June to beginning of August.


#6 Lake Louise, Canada:-

The experience after visiting this place will be the most unique. You have seen various lakes but this lake is unique and beautiful. Lake Louise is most popular and famous for its turquoise lake, Palatial Hotel, Soaring Mountain, for hiking and skiing and Victoria Glacier.

 There are so many luxuries and best hotels and restaurants are located. Lake Louise is an most inspiring and naturally beautiful place or spot which attracts and inspires travelers, photographers, artists and nature enthusiasts.

Except May to October you can visit anytime. In this month you must avoid this place because of overcrowding here.

#7 Antelope Canyon, USA:-

Are you decided to visit the Antelope Canyon??? Then its best decision . It is the most unique and beautiful natural wonder of the southwest USA.

 It is naturally form structure erosion of stones in very unique and beautiful shapes. Antelope Canyon mostly attracts the photographers and travelers. You must visit this place once in life yarr… you will think you are in dream when you visit it.

There are parts as upper Antelope Canyon which includes the lion head the candle shape and heart shape Canyon. The lower Antelope Canyon also called as spiral rock arches. Best time to visit the canyons is mid-morning between April and September.

#8 Munnar, India:-

Munnar is a town and hill station located in Western Ghats in Kerala state of India. Its altitude is about 6000 ft and it is known for its greenery or green belt of lush and dense forests.

This place is mostly famous for its tea estates. You will get here best and testy fresh tea here. It is also famous for presence of three rivers that flow in this area namely Mattupetti, Periavaru and Nallathani.

Munnar is beautiful and spectacular spot which attracts thousands of visitors or travelers every year. Salim Ali bird sanctuary and Nilgiri Tahr attracts most of tourists from the world. Trekking and camping are the most popular activities in Munnar.

You can come here in summers because this is best to visit this place. In monsoon season Munnar experiences heavy rainfall. Best time to visit this place is between March to September at this time the weather is always very pleasant and fresh.


#9  Santorini, Greece:-

Santorini is Cycldes island  in Greece. It is most beautiful and iconic Greece Island in the world. It is the precious gem of Aegean, it is group of islands namely Thira, Thirrassia, Palea and Nea Kameni.

It is the only volcano in the world who’s crater in the sea. The Santorini is considered as most romantic place in Greece. The island is a true culinary Paradise!!!

Best things you can do here as watching the sunset in Oia, sunset in Imerovigli, sunset cruise, boat tour for volcano, walk out to Skarosrock also go for wine testing and more and more.

#10 White heaven beach, Australia:-

White heaven each is 7 km long beach which is protected by Whitesunday Island National park, Australia. It contains 74 Islands. It is the most purest,  voted the world’s eco-friendly and cleanest beach in the world.

The beach is popularly known for its crystal white silica like sand and pure bluish or turquoise colored water. The sand contains 98% pure white silica, which give the luminescent color to the sand.

You can explore Sai and Snorkel Whitehaven and Chalkies Beach, Half day Inlet, Hamilton island, the cruise, Richochet full day and sunset and many  more. This beach is like heaven on the earth. Best time to visit this beach is Australian summer from September to December.


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