Top 5 Places that pay you to Visit

Because of this pandemic or Covid-19 we are stuck in our home or area. We can’t go out as we go before as well as many peoples lost their jobs or businesses. The tourism industry also facing many problems as there are some places are in lockdown, borders are closed, flights grounded and many popular places are in lockdown. So in this blog I am going to share with you top 5 places that will pay you to visit them, but after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Means this places or countries help you to reduce our travelling budget as the come up with excited schemes and offers. The list of countries /places are as follows. Hope you will enjoy this blog.

#1 United Kingdome:-

As every country is facing so many problems, but here are top 5 places that will pay you to visit them. The 1st one is United Kingdome. Yes!!! This country will pay for you by giving you exciting offers and vouchers. UK is supportting  the tourism to balance and also boost  their economy or economic growth which got disturbed by this pandemic.

They pay you once in the form of the will offer you 2-3 days free stay or on some they will give you discount as they reserved certain amount of fund to paid to some visitors who explore the country. They are giving a priority to the peoples or tourists who are choosing UK(United Kingdome) as their post Pandemic or COVID-destination. UK is  giving so much opportunity to the peoples.

#2 Italy:-

As you know Italy is one of the most beautiful country you have ever seen. As Italy is also come under this top 5 countries which will pay you.

Italy faced too much hard situation because of CIVID-19 pandemic but it also got balanced bravely by bringing down the cases and now they opened their gates for national as well as international tourists.

Sicily is the place which is opened their tourism to balance their economy as the tourism is the business which supports its economy speedily. Sicily is ready to pay the 50% of tourist’s airfare (means half flight ticket) and also some free nights with offers.

Did you think this one is the best and worthy as well as affordable place to visit after tis bad time? You must visit this place if you want to experience the best things.

#3 Japan:-

If you are planning a trip to Japan after this pandemic then it is best decision you have taken. Japan offering you many discounts and vouchers. You will eligible for all this if you are making your booking through Japanese agencies.

As Japan  reserved around $12 billion fund for tourist to help the country’s Japan is also best option for you.


#4 Maxico:-

Maxico is the one of the most lovely vacation destination. So to boost up their fancy properties and beaches they come up with great initiative called “Come with Cancun 2X1”.

This offer or you can say deal is about you can spend one night is their luxuries and beautiful property if you book for two.  Means you have to pay only for two nights and you will spend one night free of cost. Isn’t it is amazing!

As there are so many deals you can get, one of them is about they cover your some airfare if you book your flight with their or choose the airline which is partner with them. Isn’t it cool???

So Maxico is one of the best place which offer you or pay for you, you must visit after this pandemic is over!


Bulgaria is one of the best and affordable you ever visit. As Bulgaria contains the black sea which is unique thing don’t you think? Imagine you are enjoying this with your partner, family, friends amazing na!!!

So here this country offers you some paid beaches as a free of cost. So travelers must notice this place. The top most  beaches which are now opened up for free for us.  Not only this this beaches proved you beach tables, sunbeds and sun loungers for free.

Don’t think this is most affordable or cheap deal you can grab???  So guys don’t think more this one is best place with best deal you will ever get.


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