3 Best Water Park in Delhi: Where Adventure and Refreshment Converge

Delhi, popularly known for its intense and harsh climate, yet it has India’s widest cultural variety. You cannot escape to the surrounding sea beaches since the state remains landlocked. But because of modern technology and progress, Delhi is now among the top places in India for amusement parks, including water park in Delhi. During the hottest days, the fun coasters and slides, alongside other attractions, make the area seem like heaven.

The Delhi summers are hot and humid. It could appear like the sole illumination on a hot summer day is to stay inside and watch a movie without the air conditioner cranking; nevertheless, we have a few other great ideas you should consider.


List of Top 3 Water Park in Delhi Experience the Thrills of Premier Water Parks

Worlds of Wonder Water Park in Delhi 

Worlds of Wonder
Worlds of Wonder| Travellingmania

You and your friends should pack your swimsuits and travel to WOW immediately. Amongst our favorite rides in the park are the Turbo Tunnel, Rafting Ride, Wild Fall, and Boomerango. The Lazy River is an excellent alternative if you’re too nervous to travel through the twisting tunnels.

In Delhi, you may enjoy a water park that rivals the best in the world at Worlds for Wonder. You may find this exciting and soothing attraction within the magnificent India Place Mall in Noida. The park’s 23 thrilling attractions keep guests of all ages entertained for hours on end throughout its massive 10 acres. This park has raised the bar for adventure and thrills by providing something for everyone, from the adrenaline eager for the next big ride to the nervous first-timer afraid of heights. A section of the park dubbed “La Fiesta” is dedicated to making the park accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Worlds of Marvel is unquestionably a place of marvel, offering various possibilities for all age categories and individuals. Its wide variety of water attractions and amenities draw thrill-seekers daily.

Location: Sector-38A, Noida, Adjacent to The Great India Place Mall

Timings: 11:30 am to 8:00 pm

Entry Fee:

  • Single Entry – 1,475
  • Children – 1,210
  • Senior Citizen – 1,099

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Drizzling Land Water Park in Delhi 

Drizzling Land
Drizzling Land| travelling mania

Because of its thirty exhilarating activities, Drizzling Land, located close to Ghaziabad, is a popular destination for residents and tourists. In addition to that, there is a Wave Pool, a Revolving Tower, and a Disc Coaster for your enjoyment. A separate children’s area was created with their security in mind. School and business picnics find the perfect setting at Drizzling Land.

There are around 30 attractions available in Drizzling Land Water Park. An area dedicated to protecting children, the “Kid’s Zone,” has been included. The park also has more rides, such as the Revolving Tower, Waves Pool, Disc Coaster, etc.

The site offers thrilling water sports that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping. This water park is among the best in Delhi, with relaxing pools, refreshing showers, exhilarating rides, and a broad selection of delicious food options.

It would be best not to miss several rides, like the Revolving Tower, Waves Pool, and Disc Coaster. Any youngster may have fun in the “kiddy zone.”

Timings: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm

Entry Fee:

  • Stag Entry – 999
  • Single Entry – 950
  • Child – 650
  • Senior Citizen – 650


8 KM Milestone, Delhi-Meerut Highway, Duhai, Ghaziabad

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Adventure Island Water Park in Delhi 

Adventure Island
Adventure Island|Travellingmania

Adventure Island serves as a renowned water park in Delhi, and it’s located not far from the Metro Walk Mall within the neighborhood of Rohini. The park’s 60+ acres have been subdivided into Metro Walk along with Adventure Island. Among the many exciting options, free-fall rides, a demolition derby, their twisters, and their flip-out are among the most well-liked.

The park is what its name implies: a 62-acre space set aside just for adventurous pursuits. At Adventure Island, you may pick from various land-based and aquatic attractions. In addition, there are rides suitable for the entire family, specifically designed for children, and paid attractions that will keep everyone at your party delighted for hours. The highlight, though, is the park’s artificial lake. In addition, early birds, groups of people, and students may take advantage of fantastic discounts every Tuesday.

The Z-Force drop attraction will surely pump blood, while the Splash Down is the park’s signature water slide. Several rides are aimed squarely toward children, so feel free to bring the family along. The Wave Rocker remains classic, while the Cyclone adds a new spin to the traditional carousel.

Visitors to Adventure Island may also participate in various other exciting pursuits. Try climbing on the writing on the wall and utilizing your core power on the Water Coaster. The park includes everything you need for a fantastic day, from the free Lightning Bolt and Butterfly Flutter to paid activities such as Swan Boat and Water Coaster.

It’s one of Delhi’s most well-liked amusement parks, and if certain members of your group would instead take it easy, there’s a shopping mall not far away. On the weekends, this location is teeming with people of all ages, including families and groups of friends, who come to take in the exhilarating mood created by live music, dance performances, and other fun activities.

Location: Opposite Rithala Metro Station

Timings: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm


  • Children at Rs. 550
  • Adults at Rs. 650
  • Senior Citizens at Rs. 350

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Despite Delhi’s harsh climate, the city has embraced development and technology to transform into a hub of energetic entertainment parks, including energetic water park in Delhi. Despite being a landlocked city, Delhi’s amusement centers offer a cool haven during the sweltering summers. Drizzling Land near Ghaziabad guarantees a range of water activities, while Adventure Island in Rohini has exhilarating rides and aquatic thrills. Worlds of Wonder offers a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages. Water Park in Delhi offer a thrilling experience that can easily transform hot days into a refreshing paradise, whether you’re looking for excitement, family fun, or simply a vacation from the sun.


What are the top water park in Delhi?
  • Worlds of Wonder Water Park
  • Drizzling Land Water Park
  • Adventure Island Water Park
What are the opening hours & closing hours of water parks in Delhi?
The hours of operation can change; they usually begin at 10:00 am to 11:30 am and close between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
Are these water parks appropriate for visitors of all ages?
Yes, these water parks are suitable for people of all ages, including young children, adults, seniors, and even teenagers.

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